Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks For The Kind Words

I appologize for not posting in a long while. In september I had blogged about my experiences at The Dodge Poetry Festival being very critical of the event coordinators. A poet who read at the event wrote me a note calling me to task and I folded very quickly. Though I was in the right and was not taking to task the poets who attended I took what was said and caved instead of standing up for what I felt was true. It kind of killed blogging for me. How could I fold on something that was unimportant and how will I stand up for something that is? This silly little blog of mine was started to create a place of conversation, for us to ask questions, and share in the things we enjoy. Sadly, the enjoyment was killed for me. I am hoping that eventually I will get over it, but for now there is nothing. I will try to post more often to at least keep everyone up to date. Thanks for your kind words and support. I appreciate you all.

God Bless,

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Anonymous heather said...

Sorry that left a bad taste in your mouth. It's so hard to figure out all the rules of blogging, what's appropriate, what's not, etc., etc., etc.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Dave Zeman said...

This online poetry stuff is kind of weird, but I've grown up with it. I have a friend, Tarringo, that wrote this blog that said basically, "get over it".. Paraphrasing here..... sometimes he responds, sometimes he doesn't, don't read anything into it...

When you state an opinion it should be taken as compliment that you considered positives/negatives and gave you thoughts. Emails and text can be read in a tone not intended... you almost have to write more carefully than you speak... aw dang, I don't see a grammar check on this thing...

Oh well keep speaking your mind, and keep writing for the release of creativity and not for wealth or kudos.


9:12 PM  
Blogger jasdye said...

good, wise words from zeman up above.

for my own, i'll paraphrase from u2:
don't let the boogers drag you down.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Geek Monkey (Chris) said...

uh, what those guys (and gal) said.

Oh, and this time I had to type "subfar" for the verification. Rest secure in the knowledge that for some reason your blog has the most enjoyable word verifications I've ever come across!

6:58 PM  

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