Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Name That Church

About 2 months ago I asked if anyone could name the church mentioned in a book I had just read. Looking back on this book now I am still amazed at the description the author gave. Though I have to admit I cheated a little bit. First off, The Church Of The New Revelation mentioned in the book doesn't exist. Second, the book I read was a sci-fi novel written about 40 years ago. I found it amazing how Robert Heinlein had the insight to describe, for the most part, pretty accurately what would become the modern mega-church movement. With the exception their church was very sexual and had drinking and gambling in the church premises. Though many do have bingo or casino nights. He did describe a huge orginization with tons of money, a powerful leader that few people had the opportunity to meet, and a seeker style service that was about as deep as a dinner plate. With sci-fi writers it makes you wonder if they had any idea what they were writing may someday become true. Why not? They were the first to describe space travel, computers, and satellites (though it was imagined to be powered by a windmill in space). Are we that far off? Is it that far fetched that we may someday become a church based entirely on self-pleasure and entertainment?

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Blogger Art said...

I thought you had forgotten about that! I think Heinlein really could see things to come even though he was a bit off base on some of the details.

11:42 AM  
Blogger jasdye said...

yeah, good call, cubey. i don't think it's always the case, and i do admit that sometimes even i use the megachurch as an easy target. but good call.

ticklin' our ears with a form of godliness.

6:16 PM  

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