Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why I Am Wary About Leading Anything!

My church has been trying to get a group started for young adults for the past year. It has mainly been inconsistent and not too successful though people have expressed an interest in seeing a group get started. Primarily the job was left to our youth director, but with his time appropriately being spent more in the development of our youth program it has been pretty hit or miss. So he asked myself and another couple to take charge of the group. Great. I'd love to get my teeth into something and help it get started from the ground up. Great, wonderful, fantastic. So have picked a date for the end of november and I lined up a guest speaker and figured we were all set. Until I emailed Ken with the details. He responded with more questions than I had even considered. Last night I realized I have no idea how to lead anything! If it's a one shot deal like a party I am good to go, but to start a group and to come up with ideas and fill in details....? Not my gift. I am more of the ask me to do something and I'll do it. Don't ask me to come up with ideas. Even when I come up with ideas I am used to them not always being listened to, which I am fine about. It reminds me of a time when I was in college and we were visiting my family. One of my uncles came back from abroad and gave my grandparents a religious icon. They were trying to figure out where it was from. I recognized it as a byzantine icon from a recent history class I took. I told them as such and they kept discussing what it was. I stated my thoughts again. Nothing. Finally they asked one of my other uncles who chimes in, "I think it's Byzantine." To which everyone patted him on the back about how smart he was.

That's why I don't want to lead anything!


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Blogger Art said...

Unlike me - I always say "yes" then six months later wonder how I got into this mess. Sometimes it's good to consider other possibilities but I don't think they would have asked you if they didn't think you were capable.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Mike Ogden said...

So how come you didn't know where that icon was from?

10:52 AM  

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