Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is There Meaning? What Not To Bring. And Other Goodies

Thanks to Millinerd for finding this neat little tid-bit. Who'd have thought that so many great minds would have such a wide range of ideas?

Pomomusings looks at what's allowed and what's not allowed at Bob Jones University. Suprisingly one of the items includes Michael W. Smith CD's.

Slacker digs Petrarch!

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Blogger Art said...

That's unbelievable about Bob Jones University - no Country Music, no fireworks, and guns must have trigger locks??? What's next, chewing tobacco?

But those thoughts on the purpose of the universe look pretty interesting. And it's hosted by the Templeton Foundation... John Templeton was born in my hometown, beleive it or not!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what it would look like if, instead of behavioral rules, an institution set a spiritual standard.


* Please do not bring jealousy, envy, strife or hatred onto the campus grounds
* Selfishness is not permitted
* Each student is required to have one friend who is homeless
* Ayone caught using scripture to judge the outward actions of another will be immediately expelled

That's be interesting...

6:44 AM  

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