Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Poetry Thursday - Ghazal

I love ghazals . Their short meditative lines, the repetition of words, the way each stanza's are an individual poem as well as part of the whole. I have tried writing a few and find they are a lot harder than one would think. This poem was written by one the most brilliant poets of this age who sadly died way too young.

For You
Agha Shahid Ali

Did we run out of things or just a name for you?
Above us the sun doubles its acclaim for you.

Negative sun or negative shade pulled from the ground...
and the image brought in one ornate frame for you.

At my ever word they cry, "Who the hell are you?"
What would you reply if they thus sent Fame to you?

What a noise the sentences make writing themselves--
Here's every word that we used as a flame for you.

I remember your wine in my springtime of sorrow.
Now the world lies broken. Is it the same for you?

Because in this dialect the eyes are crossed or quartz,
A STATUE A RAZOR A FACT I exclaim for you.

The birthplace of written language is bombed to nothing.
How neat, dear America, is this game for you?

The angel of history wears all expressions at once.
What will you do? Look, his wings are aflame for you.

On a visitor's card words are arranged in a row--
Who was I? Who am I? I've brought my claim. For you.

A pity I don't know if you'r guilty of something!
I would -- without your knowing -- take the blame for you.

Still for many days the rain will continue to fall...
A voice will say, "I'm burning, God, in shame for You."

Something like smoke rises from the snuffed-out distance...
Whose house did that fire find which once came for you?

God's dropped the scales. Whose wings will cover me, Michael?
Don't pronounce the sentence Shahid overcame for you.

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Blogger no_average_girl said...

hey! Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back to look around your place when I have more time!


8:26 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

I need to read more poetry. Makes me slow down and think.

Thank you for helping me do that today.

10:15 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

No average,
You are welcome back any time.

Poetry is often a misunderstood art form. It can be elusive, but doesn't need to be. Glad this made you stop to think.

8:03 PM  

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