Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Goodbye Ward Churchill

I am all fore freedom of speech. Without my basic right to speak what I think and feel will turn us into a modern day "1984". That being said I believe other people have the right to correct me when I am speaking foolishly and to disagree with me. Heck, I am a nobody with a little blog that a few people read. I don't have the power of a Ward Churchill who each year has hundreds of young minds eating out of his hands. I have been trying to think of a nice way to put my feelings on this buy, but I can't. The dude is a whacko and a fraud. And he finally has gotten fired from his teaching position at a prestigious college. A few of his more colorful claims are that he is a native american and part of elite forces in Viet Nam and the people who died in the Twin Towers were little Eichmann's. I don't have a problem being taught by people I disagree with because it is nothing new. I do have a problem with people giving false information and not being held accountable for it.

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Blogger jasdye said...

i read the little bio on him. i still gotta say, "Who??"

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