Friday, December 15, 2006

Who Goes To Heaven?

I am wary to post a short video by Brian McLaren for no other reason I do not want to be a person to attack another Christian just beause they may be misguided. There are a few points where I think Mclaren is spot on, brilliant, and creative about how he sees the faith. On the other hand, there are other times I think he forgets that there are parts of Scripture that may tweek a few ears. In other words, he plays it too safe. This is a typical message which has a part of truth that is stretched a tad too far. It makes people comfortable, makes them feel warm, and well fed without any real challenge. Plus, and he's not the only guilty person, he comments about Jesus' primary message. I am beginning to wonder if Jesus ever had a primary message. When I get more time I want to look at this a little further.

Did Jesus have a primary message?

Who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? Are we too obsessed with this?

More on this later.

Also, I have a secondary blog I just started. I plan on using to post some music and videos I enjoy, sharing good links, and will be more personal in nature. If you feel like it, stop on by.

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Blogger Art said...

Not having had time to look at the video, I will go ahead and jump in and say, YES, we Christians are far too obsessed with who goes to heaven and who does not.

However you define that and whatever denomination you are in, it is a major problem and a huge stumbling block to bringing others to Christ - as well as in our own journeys.

It's a concern, of course, but shouldn't it be a personal concern first and foremost. When we go around telling others that they're not worthy, I think we are missing the "primary message". Besides that, how many souls have been won for Christ by telling them they better shape up or they will burn in a lake of fire for all eternity???

This is why I tell people I am a universalist or that I believe all people are going to heaven. Those things are not really true but that is the way I purposely approach my fellow human being - because I DO NOT KNOW. It's God's business, not mine. It's my business to worry about where I'M going...

Wow, I didn't intend to go off like that. Sorry. I grew up in a denomination which is infamous for telling everyone who does not share their beliefs that they are going straight to hell. I guess it struck a nerve! Good post, nevertheless.

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