Friday, December 08, 2006

Christ The Punk?

Ok, seems like a far stretch, I'll admit that. What does the uber-agressive punk rock movement which included: The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and Philly fave's The Dead Milkmen have to do with Christ and his message of love, hope, charity, and faith? More than I even realized. Never Mind The Bibles is a wild book. I made a few connections between Christ as raddical, but he takes it a step further to talk about the radical inclusiveness of the punk rock music. Many of whom were much more socially minded than even I realized. They tore at the false idealism of society to show that they aren't as clean as we'd like them to believe and need something else to make them pure. Much like Christ, who showed us we are sinners and can only be saved through the grace of God. In the introduction the author, Andrew Careaga, how Joe Strummer from The Clash tried to rip down a fence that seperated fans from each other. Sounds awfully violent and not very christ-like doesn't it? Then consider Christ clearing the temple of people who turned it into a den of thieves. Though I cannot say I agree with every little premise he makes I do think he makes a valid point to remind us of the very radical nature of Christ and His love for us. It is a shame that this book was never picked up by any publishers. It is a message we should hear more often. For years in Philadelphia we had an underground Christian Punk movement that eventually died out completely. Maybe it is time we change the face of what a Christian looks like.

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Blogger Art said...

I've been reading that off and on as time allows. It's a fascinating and very original concept. A.C. is a good writer too.

3:25 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

I am interested in reading more of AC's work. A few years ago I used to want to reach kids like these for Christ. Maybe I'll still have the opportunity.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Andrew said...

This Andrew you speak of, he sounds like a very cool guy. But I know the real Andrew and he's pretty much a dork -- not to mention delusional -- and not nearly as punk as he pretends to be. (Let's just keep that our little secret, though, OK?)


4:18 PM  

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