Saturday, December 09, 2006

Over The Rhine - After The Show

I love suprises. If I think something could be good, but get something far beyond that I am happy. On Saturday night Ken, his wife, a friend of his from Ohio, and myself went to see Over The Rhine. They were nice enough to give me a free ticket after a friend of theirs backed out. So it was cool getting to socialize with Ken and Kathy outside of church and youth ministry. Both of our schedules are pretty hectic so we do not get much opportunity to hang out. And as an added bonus I got to bond with the J.Myles who has developed the habit of scratching me and laughing. Anyhooo....

I had no real expectations about the concert, but I was more than pleasantly suprised. First of all, they didn't have an opening act. Hmmm, a bold move? No one to get the group warmed up and ready to go? Alright. There concert lasted about two hours with no breaks. And the band members looked like they were enjoying themselves being there. It wasn't just another job to them, but a chance to play some incredible music. Finally, they played primarily new music. I can't remember the last time a band whose concert consisted of new music. And to have the audience eating it up like we were (I include myself in this big time). I love concerts like these because it is more communal and homey in feel. If there were couches there it'd have felt like the performance was going on in my living room. And yes, I dream of meeting a woman of God like the lead singer. The secret is out! So if any of you knoww a woman like her in the Jersey area drop me a line.

Nearing the end of the show someone gave them a Christmas gift consisting of chocolate, slang flash cards, and a Bible. People cheered when he held up the Bible. It made me wonder how many people besides ourselves were Christians in the audience. I mean, real Christians who love the Lord and not just in name only. Are any of us really? And how much does their faith factor into the writing of their music? As a Christian who writes poetry I can no more keep my faith from influencing my work than a feminist or communist can. Whether overtly or not your beliefs come out in your music. It's just a thought really.

And just for the heck of it. One of my favorite bands, Tegan and Sara

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Blogger jasdye said...

Over the Rhine! Over the Rhine! Over the Rhine!

yes, and live, they kick arse!

7:32 PM  
Blogger Darrell and Wendy said...

I mean, real Christians who love the Lord and not just in name only. Are any of us really?

I struggle with that, too. One thing that crosses my mind is that it's "easy" to be Christian these days. Nobody is persecuting us, at least here in the US. Maybe it's too easy, if you know what I mean. Maybe there'd be fewer Christians if we had to risk our lives to profess our faith, but those who were Christian would surely be very deep in the faith. Just some of what runs through my head.

No idea why Blogger now shows my wife and I as one account, but this is Darrell at SouthCon, by the way.

8:04 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

well, there's no true persecution in North America separating the wheat from the chaff. although there's the evidence of fruits - what we produce.

unfortunately, to many eyes i fall short. so, it's a good thing that God is very gracious and that he's our ultimate judge.

2:16 PM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

Yep that is too true. It did kick butt.

I am glad to see both of your names.

And I often forget how soft and good I have it as well. I think that is why we protest so much about everything.

That is a possibility. Perhaps we need to start worrying about the speck in our eyes?

4:00 PM  

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