Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy National Poetry Month

I can't believe I just remembered right now that it's national poetry month. Another thing which I should celebrate, but have no desire to. All kidding aside I do plan on talking about this a little more shortly.

To start off with here is a lecture I went to celebrating the 100th birthday of George Oppen. I really only stayed for about an hour when I realized the event was to go on for about 3 hours.


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Blogger dorsey said...

Perhaps that explains the sonnet contest on public radio's "A Prairie Home Companion." They read some of the finalists' entries this week. They were very good, some funny, some quite moving.

I think this one was my favorite:

"Love as a Space-age Polymer"
by Randall Martoccia

Girl, we've got a non-biodegradable kind of love.
One day the icebergs will melt, the gulls squawk no more,
but you'll find me as loyal as a latex glove
slapping forever against your Jersey shore.

The buffalo will corrode to bone
on the withered grass of the sun-bleached plain,
but you'll find me stubborn as Styrofoam,
defying the poison air and acid rain.

The earth will someday burn and crack
and the sun will vaporize the last of our race,
but like the last two cans in a six-pack
we'll rattle through space in a plastic embrace.

So crack me open and let our love disperse
and contaminate the whole damned universe.

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