Monday, March 17, 2008

Good Coffee, Good Food, Good Company, Good Music

Out of all due respect for that certain someone who works at Starbucks and Left Cheek who has been having not the greatest coffee going experiences I have to say I am completely spoiled. Not only have I had consistently worthwhile coffee houses in my past like Flashback Java Joint, Ebeneezers Old World Cafe, Three Been, The Tree House, and believe it or not Borders (before they started to suck!). I can now add Barrington Coffee House to that list. Seriously, I am spoiled. I can walk there in under ten minutes, the food is pretty decent, they make a great cup of coffee and aren't afraid to try a wide range of roasts, but the company is excellent as well. I hate to admit I am a bit slow on the uptake going there. I visited once or twice, but never got in the habit of going on a regular basis. Now with new owners who are just lovely people I try to get there at least once a week. And to top it off they tend to have performers who are more than worth their salt. That is another area where I am spoiled. I have seen people on national tours or get signed to major record labels. I saw Feist and a few other members of Broken Social Scene for $5 once several years before her major label album came out. And this time is no exception. Except this time I got to see two great performers for $8!


Never heard of the guy. Man am I sorry I haven't before. Though his CD's do not do his voice justice. He has a great husky voice that makes me wish he went a little more blusie at times. Putting that aside he still has written some great music. It isn't often you see someone accompanied with an upright base which made a good complement to his softer folky style. Like so many artists he has been performing for years, flying under the radar while touring the country. It is a shame guys like this do not get much air play. Especially when you take into account how long he has been in the business for.

Carsie Blanton

I was told she looked like Betty Boop. I can safely say that is very true. She is cuter than a bugs ear, writes sweet, jazzy pop tunes that I found myself tapping my toes to. Thankfully she hasn't been jaded by the music business which would ruin her wonderful disposition and style. She is coming out in the right moment as artists like Ingrid Michaelson and Feist pave the way for her to follow in their path when she'll be able to break off from the group and forge a path of her own. She is long over due for a secone album. And I have become such a dork that when I saw her walking through Philly recently I yell out, "You are Carsie Minor!!!" Doh!


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Blogger Jenn said...

ooh an oblique reference. I'm flattered.

See, I don't care if you go to other coffee shops than Starbucks. It's when you make blanket statements dissing Starbucks' coffee (like SOME people!) that I get all cranky.

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