Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tag! 7 Songs I'm Digging

Just 7? Come on Whiskey, why only seven? Where's the fun in that? Considering all the music I listen to in a given day I am not sure I can pick just 7 for just right now. Sigh, ok, I'll try my best.

The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God - Seriously, is there any real suprise why I'd pick this song? I'd been playing Pogues music all the time the past few weeks and usually this one'd be on the top of the list. Though it sounds negative, I think there is a deeper metaphor than God and me falling from grace. Considering the brilliant poetic mind of Shane Macgowan I don't think I'll ever truly get it.

Christ Tomlin - Amazing Love - Probably one of my favorite praise and worship songs. It was Chris Tomlin wasn't it? It's hard to tell sometimes since a bunch of these guys sound alike. Anyway, one of the most moving and original worship songs out there.

The Hooligans - Black Thorn Stick Set - One of my other favorite bands. They put on a great show and this is one of their best. A song that goes back about 100 years, but still rocks out. You can't help but get up on your feet and dance!

Rich Mullins - Creed - Probably one of the best song writers around. He didn't go into the whole CCM crap and wasn't afraid to do his own thing for God's glory. He boldy worked with different sounds and styles. Bringing in instruments of all types. Probably one of the greatest musical talents of his or any time. Though Awesome God is his biggest song I don't think it was until Creed (and others from the album) that we see him trully mature as an artist.

Fishbone - Party At Ground Zero - A silly ska song that is catchy. It's just good old fashioned fun.

Luka Bloom - Dancing Queen - Yes, this is a cover of the Abba song, but the guy makes it sound so heartfelt and pure. It's just him and his guitar. One of the best singer songwriters no one has ever heard of.

Hmmm, now what for the last? Do I go with jazz? A punk classic? Too many choices, but I think I'll go with....

Mike Cross - Whiskey 'fore Breakfast - As a homage to Whiskey for the Monkey, what can be better than whiskey 'fore breakfast? There are two versions: an instrumental and the more bluegrass hootenany style. I prefer the latter. I heard The Hooligans play it once and it's become one of my favorite songs. It's funny and catchy.

Hmmm.... I tag Jenn, Art, and Jasdye and anyone else interested.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Liberalism In The Church

I am a member of The Evangelical Presbyterian Church. As far as denominations go we are a young upstart which broke off from the PC USA about 20 years ago. In a very short time more churches are leaving the PC USA to join the EPC. The reason being is many fear liberalism has taken hold of the main line denominations. Though I agree with Religious Liberal that this isn't a new phenomena it is one we should take seriously. This is part of the reason why I'm not so concerned about people putting "My Boss Is A Jewish Carpenter" bumper stickers on their cars. Falling into the trap of extreme liberalism and conservatism is easy. The messages can be safe and appealing. Who wouldn't want to be happy and contented all the time? Who doesn't want people to look at Christians in the best possible light as welcoming and loving? I admit, there are many times I feel extremely embarressed by my Christian bretheren and sisteren. Though I can see valid points for having us know sin is sin as well as discussions on social justice. But what is really important to the church as a whole and Christians individually? What really matters? What should our focus be? Where is our treasure?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Inklings Reformed

A common conversation I have with a gentleman at my church is how much we wish we could have sat in on The Inklings and have a conversation with these brilliant and creative men of God. Since I was in highschool I have wanted to see Christians take a more active role in many aspects of art. I told my friend how I wished there was a group like the Inklings still around.

"Why don't you form one yourself." uhhhh, because it'd take effort? Ok, so I have no real excuse. So I am looking for anyone interested in forming a group like the Inklings though I am open to anyone in the artistic community from publishing, visual arts, literature, dance... whatever to get together and actively discuss the Christians role in art or share anything that they are working on. If you take art seriously and aren't afraid to give and take criticism and encouragement when either are necessary then I'd like to have you aboard. Even if you don't live in the Philadelphia area, thankfully e-mail makes it easier for us to keep in touch these days and we can work out logistics at another time. Please drop me a line.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally, I Got To See The Pogues! Was It Worth It?

Can you believe I was excited to see a band fronted by a guy with a froggy voice and a mug like that? Finally, after 15 years of waiting and hoping someday the original members of the band plus Shane Macgowan would get back together and tour the country I got to see The Pogues perform. And yes, it was worth it. Worth every last penny (and this was a much more expensive show than what I am accustomed to). First off, a short rant about opening acts. I'm all for them. It can introduce you to a great band on the rise whose music is unique or the very least fun, or it can be sheer torture. This case was the latter. A group of young guys from Ohio called Sarving Goliath started off the show who were musically pretty good, their music had a lot of variety, and was reminiscient to early 90's alternative. But they went too damn long and they looked like they could care less about performing at all. They probably never even heard The Pogues and saw it as another job. Though you can never tell because they sure didn't look like they cared. And note to bookers: if you are going to hire an opening act make sure they are more complimentary to the style of music to the headlining act. I can think of at least one band that was more deserving of the opportunity and I am sure they would have appreciated it more as well. And note to the band: if you want to try and appear all hardcore and smash your instruments make sure the guitar strap isn't around your neck when you try to throw it to the ground. You just looked stupid.

Sorry, back to the show....

A few days ago Shane had injured his leg, but promised to keep on performing. First, the band comes out, all 8 members of the original band (a rarety these days, Chicago tours with only the original 3) and a roady wheels out Shane Macgowan, resident poet, a man who lived the music he sang, a real rambler and drunkard with a beautiful heart. And he looked like an old man, much older than his 49 years as all the heroin and booze has finally caught up to him. Did the audience care? No, they cheered all the more. Could you imagine Mick Jagger or Britney Spears or any other singer coming out to perform in a wheel chair and getting the love Shane got? Think about it. This isn't just any band. This is our band. The fans braved a snow storm to come out to see him because they care that much. A friend and I wondered what song they'd play to star the show. No suprises it was "If I Should Fall From Grace With God". A catchy song more metaphor than hymn that would make you giggle if you saw the light up virgin Mary statue they had on one of the speakers that changed colors every few seconds. They played all their usual hits like A Pair Of Brown Eyes, Sunny Side of the Street, Bottle Of Smoke, and even threw in a few that I didn't recognize. As an added bonus for the song "Fiesta" Spider Stacy kept beat by banging a cookie sheet on his head. I was disapointed to not hear White City performed which is the first song I heard to make me a fan. It was the perfect concert in the fact that the crowd was into it and the band was obviously having a fun as well. Shane was in rare form in spite of looking tired. I'd definately see them again when they come to the Philly area.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Finally! I Get To See The Pogues!

I have waited 15 years for the opportunity to see The Pogues perform live. I had the chance to see Shane Macgowan perform as a solo perfomer, but because I was an idiot and chasing after a girl I gave up the tickets. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! So now, like a giddy school girl I keep calling up Ken and saying, "Tomorrow's the Pogues!" Enjoy these videos. Am I youtube happy?

Streams of Whiskey

Waxie's Dargle (this one made me dizzy)

Fairytale of New York

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RIP Richard Jeni

Richard Jeni was a brilliant comedian who deserved to be considered one of the best.


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gumby Vs. MST3K

Note to self: Don't use toy robots to do chores. Man I miss this show!


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Monday, March 05, 2007

Timothy Leary's Not Dead

Millinerd has this uncanny ability to wind up in the middle of these discussions that really defy the imagination. What is amazing is that this time around the person he was commenting on actually comments several times on his blog! There is a lot of dialogue going on. Make sure to check it out.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lenten Humor

Someone has way too much time on their hands. Thanks LP for giving me the heads up.


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