Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Greatest Albums Ever

Every radio station has at one point or another done a "greatest albums of all time" list. And here is yet another chosen by the listeners of a local college station. I listen to them from time to time, but tend to stick mostly to whatever CD's I have on hand. Very rarely am I suprised by what has been chosen by the masses and this was no exception. A lot of Beatles & Rolling Stones for the old school rockers battling over who is the greatest band ever, add a few helpings of Bob Dylan and Grateful Dead for the ex-hippy crowd, throw in the occassional Nirvana and Pearl Jam to keep the kids happy, Guns 'N Roses & REM for the child of the 80's, and the occassional out of nowhere suprise of aYes, Miles Davis, and Violent Femmes to complete the beef vegetable stew that is modern music. No real suprises, very safe answers that for the most part people can agree with. Or so I thought, after I got over my jaded self I had to admit that as common as the answers are they were artists that deserved the recognition they got. The people have (for the most part) spoken! This is what we like so time and again we are going to pick "Rubber Soul", "Who's Next", & "Highway 61 Revisted" because these albums time and again really mean something to us. Who am I to argue? Maybe it's time for me to get away from my indie inclinations and give the old boys a try? Any recommendations where to begin?

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Blogger Paul Gregory Alms said...

I, for one, am all for getting rid of all the old farts in rock and roll. The Stones are in town (Charlotte) and I could care less.

My theory is that bands generally have a shelf life of good stuff for about ten years. After that, if they do not break up or die from an overdose, their music becomes either repetitive or they start to get bored and they experiment and try to "stretch their creative focus" or some such thing and all is lost.

Ten years, that's it. It works for the Beatles, Stones, Dylan, REM Replacements, the Who, you name it.

5:03 AM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

I do agree they have gone too far and should have probably stopped years ago. But I saw a guitarist named Richard Thompson perform a few years ago. The guy has had a career of 30 - 40 years, he still rocks out even doing great covers of "Oops, I did It Again" and making it sound cool.

6:24 AM  

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