Thursday, September 29, 2005

Uh, Yeah

I have to admit there is a limited amount of truth to what she is saying. I do believe we try to hard to convert people to Christ and wrestle every little thing even hinting of faith into submission to be used as a ministry tool. But I think it's going a tad far here. What's next, Strippers for Jesus?

But of course we all know the problems a child reading the Bible can cause. Total Anarchy! Of course if it'd make them feel better they can always bring in the Sports Illustrated Swin Suit Edition. Are we really getting that stupid? Special thanks to Looking Closer for this one.

Your faithful Cubicle Rev tries to be equal opportunity when pointing out obsurdity. To quote a wise philodopher, "Stupid is, as stupid does." And to show this I'll tell you about my own experience with religious intollerance:

I once got asked to put my Bible away while I was trying to read it..... during detention. Fortunately the Bible reading took. Uh, yeah. Definately not one of my brighter moments. And I don't think my youth pastor was quite convinced when I called it a short term missions trip.

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