Saturday, October 08, 2005

Don't Read That Book! It Mentions God!

As always Burr in The Burgh is upon on the latest nonsense in the world. Aparently having children read The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe is a bad thing because it, of all things, kind of sort of mentions God and faith and that is a church and state issue.

Of course just after I finally have time to start watching Lost it turns out to have no real point to it. Looking Closer's blog keeps getting better with each week. I can't always have something listed that's entirely deep can I?

Which Jesus do you like better? The old school Iconic Jesus? The hippy Jesus? Or what about the all swords blazing Jesus? Take a look here to decide. Thanks to Keith Drury for asking such an important question.

I love the Religion News Blog because it shows how whacky some ideas can be. But it also shares very thought provoking and important information about faith in the world. Am I obsessed? Be perfectly honest with me. I can take it.

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