Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wallis Vs. Reed

Jim Wallis and Ralph Reed are two of the top voices for their movements today. When I saw they were doing a discussion on the values a church should hold I was pleased. This is a good thing. Though I still think politics in the church is the equivalent of burning a candle at both ends this is at least a start. Three links below are all that they've done so far.

What Do Values Voters Value Most?

Rejecting The Liberal "Straw Man"

Not Liberal Nor Conservative

On a more personal note, I just got done talking to one of my closest friends on the phone. He's a father of three children (with a fourth on the way) who has serious health issues. As serious an issue stem cell research, poverty, gay marriage, imigration, and whatever buzz words are flying around are I'm more concerned with how the light of Christ can reach my friend. Are these other issues important? Yep, but it can also draw my attention away of someones most immediate need.

Thirdly, I am considering changing my blog name. I am no longer in the cubicle and wonder if it's prudent for me to keep the "Cube Rev" name. What do you think?

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Blogger Shesawriter said...

I say we should all vote the dems and the republicans out of office. I'm tired of them both.

I like "Cub Rev." :-)

3:19 PM  
Blogger Art said...

Amen to 'Shesawriter'. There's only two things wrong with American politics...

And I say keep 'Cubicle Reverend'. It's memorable, unique, a little weird, and you've established that as your identity to some degree.

Changing it might reflect more who you are at the moment but it also might confuse some folks (bloggers not being known for their amazing powers of observation). And who's to say that what you choose to replace 'Rev. Cube' would be better?

Besides your great subtitle - 'One of God's Office Supplies' - might not work as well with your new title. PLEASE don't lose OGOS. I love that.

Whatever you choose, good luck. I hope it works out for the best either way.

9:26 PM  
Blogger LutherPunk said...

I think you oughta keep it! I think the name is funny. Besides, you are in that liminal state between being a Cubicle Reverend and a the other kind of reverend, so it can still fit, if you want it to.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Too_Lively said...

I agree with everyone else. Keep your name because it works even if you are no longer in the cubicle.

7:47 AM  

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