Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcoming A New Cube Head

After the recent exchange between myself Notiraglass I just had to add him to the list of the few, the proud, the faitful Cube Heads on my blog roll.

But Cubicle Reverend, you hunky stud, (you may ask) How can you allow him to become a Cube Head? Because in this uptight world we live in it helps to have a little spirited debate.

So how do I become a Cube Head? There are many ways this may occur:
  1. You drink more coffee than water.
  2. You spend way too much time reading.
  3. The people who work at the Chinese Buffet, Diner, and/or coffee shop know you on a first name basis.
  4. You have watched countless hours of Doctor Who and/or Professional Wrestling.
  5. Crammed yourself into a 2 door hatchback with 7 other people. (or any similar sized car to person ratio)
  6. Went to college on 3 seperate occassions and collect associates degrees like they are baseball cards.
  7. Work in a government job for more than one year (added bonus if you manage to get fired from that job).

But if you don't feel like doing all that stuff then write something that catches my eye whether I agree with it or not.

So welcome Notiraglass. You'll be receiving your commemorative T-shirt which reads "I'm A Cube Head, Why Aren't You?" in the mail shortly.

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Blogger Jay said...

nice. Thanks for adding me to the list of Cube Heads. I have in my life been accused of spending too much time reading, so I guess I qualify. As for government work, I don't think I'll ever have the opportunity.

8:51 AM  
Blogger The Cubicle Reverend said...

you are better off for it. Say no to government work.

8:56 AM  

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