Thursday, November 03, 2005

Top 5 Thursday - Movies That Move

  1. The Big Kahuna - Everything I learned about sharing my faith was from this movie. There is a right time and place for it and sometimes the best way to get started is by asking about their kids.
  2. The Station Agent - Compassion, love, and friendship can help you through difficult times.
  3. Smoke - Everyone has a story to tell and they can be worth listening to.
  4. LOTR - You life can take unexpected turns and require you to go beyond what you think you are capable of.
  5. To Kill A Mocking - It is hard to stand up for what you believe in.

As always this was started by my esteemed colleague at Caffeinated Adventures.

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Blogger Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer said...

That's a good list, I must say.

5:32 PM  

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