Tuesday, November 01, 2005


What is it with everyone and this fascination with journaling? Something that was done in the private comforts of a bedroom has come out into the open. Partly because of blogs, but I have even seen classes on how to properly journal. Add to that the cost of pens and journals these days it's amazing to see how many people have gotten involved with this. I started doing it as a writer wanting to improve my writing skill. I have almost always bought composition notebooks because they are cheap (between fifty cents and a buck) and tend to be durable. And pens were anything I could either grab from a bank or wherever. When I bought them I got bics. Cheap. I suppose I am glad people are journaling more. Eccliastes was a journal after all.

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Blogger melissa said...

blogging has brought journaling to a new level of popularity and prominence, however i spent all of high school faithfully (and rather obsessively) keeping a series of journals. for the past 10 years, i've been that girl who you see in a coffee shop, curled up in a corner with a journal and a pen, writing away. life is busy and my blog keeps me busy in different ways, so i don't have the same absolute dependence on my journal as i used to, but for me, blogging has actually thrown me back to working out my thoughts and feelings in a tangible journal as well as my online ruminations. in fact...


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