Thursday, August 18, 2005

Honest Ministry

Diary of A City Priest - by Father John P. Mcnamee

When I expressed my interest in entering full time ministry to a friend he, perhaps knowing me too well, recomended a book a book written by a friend of his. All he told me about it was how Father Mac (as he's affectionately called) came from a wealthy family, but after reading Simone Weil he decided to give up the comforts of an upper middle class life style and become a priest in the poorest part of Philadelphia. He also told me the book was about his experiences working in the slums and at his insitance I have to meet him.

OK. What's the big deal reading about a priest working in a poor neighborhood? There have been many stories like that over the years from The Cross And The Switchblade starring a country singer and a member of Chips and the incredible Romero. These guys had all the answers, faced incredible odds, and did it with perseverence and dignity.

Then there's this book. Father Mac faces a lot of the same challenges as the other two. But he has never made himself out to be a hero. He admits very candidly about his struggles, lack of faith, and deep moments of depression. Now I get it. He didn't want me to read another story of a super man, but a regular man doing all he can to serve God and keep it together. In other words, he gets it. I am looking forward to our meeting in the near future and hope to write about it in more detail at another time.

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