Friday, August 05, 2005

Two For Outsiders

The first time I saw this movie it made me uncomfortable, and I couldn't figure out why. When I first saw this movie I was still pretty new to the "real world", trying to figure things out, but pretty much just bumming around taking one minimum wage job after another. I related a little too well to Enid and Rebecca, two highschool grads who couldn't wait to get out and get their lives started. This movie was a little too real for me. The characters are so vivid, well thought out, and real. From the get go they engage every facet of my being. It is often when I see a movie where I fall in love with the characters and ask myself, "what's next?"

This is my favorite movie. Where Ghost World made me feel like I knew the characters, this movie made me wish I did know the main characters. It centers around Finn, a dwarf who inherits a railroad station in the middle of no where and sees it as a chance to get away from staring eyes. There is just one problem, his next door neighbor is Joe, a loveable hot dog stand runner who wishes he were back in Manhattan and forces his friendship on him and a woman suffering from a horrible loss named Olivia. This will sound corny, but it really was a feel good movie. You cheered for the characters as they discovered the joy of living again.

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