Saturday, July 23, 2005

Where Are All The People?

Tonight I went to a block party. 'What's a block party?' You ask. I know, these days they are about as common as manatees, but every so often you can find one. Neighbors actually hanging out and talking to each other. Neighbors being - dare I say it? - neighborly. The funny thing is, I see the epidemic of people only keeping to themselves in church as well. Do we have church picnics anymore? Do we even know each other outside of church anymore? What I love about the Gospels is how you see Jesus and the Apostles being together. It is everywhere: hanging out with Matthew and other "sinners", the apostles meeting before the coming of the Holy Spirit, and them eating a meal together. Jesus had to have known you cannot live out your faith in a vaccum. As much as I believe in taking retreats and going off alone to be with the father I also know that you have to come back and be with people. When did we get to be so self sentered? As believers we should be the first to offer people a place at our table. One thing that has impressed me about several people I know is that is exactly what they do. Have we forgotten what is the greatest commandment?

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