Monday, August 08, 2005


For the past year I have been without regular work, surviving on the whim of the temp agency to find me regular work. I had, up until last year, a career with the state court system. Starting off making a little bit and over time working my way up to a pretty decent job, making a good wage. But I was miserable. How could this be? I was living to a certain extent the American Dream! I have a nice little house (which felt too small and incomplete), a little money (which I used to fill up with activity and stuff), and a few close friends who were like an extended family (shouldn't I have more friends?). So my life became a complaint! I was unhappy. So what did God do? He didn't give me more to make me happy. He took things away in order to make me rely on Him and remind me what is really important in life. Contentment. A sense of knowing that as log as I have God, as long as He is in my life, what does any of that other stuff matter? So here I am making half of what I made last year, but a friend of mine summed things up rather well when he said to me:
"You seem a lot happier than you did before."

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