Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I do not usually do this, but I feel at this point I have to. I cannot out of good conscience just keep quiet. When I see believers resorting to exploitive means to get their message across then I feel we have failed to honor God and instead become the worst that Christianity has to offer instead of the best. I up until today had the Slice of Laodicea web blog listed as one of my favorites. Although I did not agree with them on many issues I felt they were a good sight on getting information and really asking yourself what you believe as far as faith is concerned. They'd discuss rather passionately trends that are going on in the church. Their views on youth ministry are rather antiquated, and at times their speach can borderline philosophical egg headedness, but I believed their heart to be in the right place. Until I found a picture of a dead fetus head posted on their sight. I was sickened at the picture (and rightfully so). As much as I am opposed to abortion in most circumstances it is cheap and exploitive tactics like that which prove our critics right in saying we are cruel and do not love as Christ loved. It is throwing in the face others decisions instead of loving others and trying to help in offering them other options for this decision. They should be ashamed of themselves and as of immediately the sight has been removed from my list of favorites.

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