Tuesday, July 12, 2005

100 Things About Me

In no particular Order:

100)I was born in Mass., but lived in NJ since I was 6 weeks old.
99)I almost always lived within a five mile radious of the house I grew up in.
98)I learned how to cook in elementary school when I asked for pancakes and my parents said, "Here's the package, follow the instructions."
97)I started drinking coffee in the fifth grade.
98)I am a vorascious reader, there were times I'd finish a book in a day.
97)The first "adult novel" I read was Agatha Christies "And Then There Were None."
96)I became a Christian in higschool.
95)I was raised Catholic, but have visited almost all the major denominations, including Messianic Jewish.
94)I have been to the Dominican Republic twice.
93)I have one older sister
92)I took a stab and stand-up comedy.
91)I have written poetry since highschool and been published a few times.
90)There are several friendships I've had for multiple decades.
89)I own more poetry books than novels, theology, and history put together.
88)I listen to Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond.
87)I started going bald at 19.
86)I shaved my head the first time when I lost a bet.
85)I have gone to the same restaurant for my birthday almost every year for the last decade (Sagami!)
84)I am shorter than my sister by several inches.
83)I can't go anywhere without making friends.
82)I hate talking on the phone, but do it to talk to people who live long distance.
81)My favorite movie for years was Smoke, now it's The Station Agent.
80)The one CD I listen to most is The Hooligans - Another Fine Mess
79)I am a home owner
78)I love going to diners late at night, getting a cup of coffee, cheese fries, and talking all night.
77)I love Doctor Who
76)I watch pro-wrestling
75)I believe everyone has 10 guilty pleasures, the 5 they talk about and the 5 they do not.
74)I believe I will never fully get every aspect of Chrsitianity, but it's fun to try.
73)I fidget too much.
72)I am too loud.
71)I am an extremely blessed person with the best friends in the world.
70)My parents took me to art museums starting when I was a toddler.
69)My father introduced me to blues music.
68)My mother introduced me to independent film.
67)I've been to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
66)I went to my 10 year highschool reunion.
65)I have sought out old friends and aquaintences I haven't seen in years.
64)I own one suit
63)I own more jeans than dress slacks.
62)I prefer being barefoot
61)I am one of a few people who got fired from a state job (yea baby!)
60)I have been to 60+ concerts.
59)I get sea sick
58)I no longer watch TV (not including movies and dvd's)
57)I have been in a mosh pit.
56)I have a black in karate (I earned it when I was 12 and quit a year later and now regret quitting)
55)I won 1 wrestling match
54)I have both given and received wedgies
53)There are 4 surviving generations of Gorgones.
52)My dad took me out of school to watch a dry docking of an air craft carrier.
51)when driving mom into work at 4 in the morning when I was 17 she told me not to waive back at the women on the street corners.
50)I got fired from the same job twice.
49)I have been to boston in the fall.
48)I didn't know most families didn't try to fit as many people as possible into a living room during holidays and stuff themselves stupid on multiple courses until I was in my 20's.
47)I always had home made costumes for halloween.
46)The Muppet Movie still makes me laugh.
45)One friend of mine keeps getting me to go see movies opening night at midnight and even convinced me to wait in line with him for tickets to Star Wars Episode 2.
44)I usually get talked into doing things I do not think I want to do, but wind up enjoying anyway.
43)I don't watch sports on TV, but I love going to live sporting events.
42)I saw Sting beat Jake The Snake Roberts in a Spin the Wheel Make The Deal event.
41)I went to school with Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's daughters.
40)My sister is the first woman to graduate first in her class at college.
39)I tried college on 3 occassions and have 2 associates degrees.
38)I worked at a video store for 6 years on 2 separate occassions.
37)My family refers to me as The Milk Man's Kid.
36)I would like to learn a 2nd language in order to translate poetry.
35)I have been in the news papers twice as a kid.
34)I won a local drama award in the 8th grade, my name is on a plaque in the theater that gave it.
33)On a retreat I woke up with a cheeze whiz smiley face on my forehead.
32)I am stubborn
31)I bottle up my temper.
30)The only bone I ever broke was a tooth
29)I am cleaning impared, but I try
28)I never dated in college
27)I used to be extremely shy
26)I am sarcastic
25)I talk to my parents and sister at least once a week.
24)I love sushi, but I hate most vegetables
23)Only 4 people know the one way to get me to behave.
22)I own more t-shirts than dress shirts.
21)I am better at picking out clothes for other people than myself.
20)I prefer darker colors to bright.
19)I make my own gravy
18)I used to know how to sail.
17)I worked at a summer camp one year.
16)I worked as Chuck E. Cheese
15)I enjoy being a Barista
14)two of my favorite movies (clerks & office space) I hated the first time I saw them because they reminded me to much of my own life. It wasn't until I saw them a second time that I loved them.
13)I sort of know how to play the tin whistle
12)I go to the same families houses for christmas, new years, and the forth of july every year before or after visiting my own family and will never work on those days for that reason.
11)I was engaged to a girl in highschool.
10)I used to play the saxophone and clarinet
9)I cannot wait to finish this list
8)Some friends and I created a role playing game in highschool called Gheldgirig.
7)I discovered the tooth fairy wasn't real when my father accidentally woke me up when replacing my tooth with a quarter.
6)My first car was a 1987 chevy spectrum.
5)All of my cars (except my first) have been toyotas.
4)I make up recipes for spam
3)I have 3 different devices for making coffee
2)I still watch cartoons
1)I am blessed

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We share #46. Oh, how I love that film.

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